what is sexy?

I don’t consider myself a fickle person, but I do think that things change and people change. In fact, it is things changing that change people.

Why am I babbling? Perhaps because I’ve spent the last week in computer hell, battling mysterious symptoms that come and go on my MAC while I watch helplessly as my PC is repeatedly crippled by the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

What does all of this have to do with what’s sexy? Only this… I’m an Alpha male kinda girl. I usually write the typical uber-tough heroes.  Manly men who are not just tough guys for their professions of soldiers and firemen and cowboys, but also for their personalities. However today, after my journey to computer hell, the computer geek is my fantasy man. I dream of him charging into my life and saving the day by wrestling the evils affecting my precious laptops.

Call me fickle, or practical or maybe just a damsel in distress. Either way, as independent as I am, I’m not so much so that I don’t love a man to ride in and save me once in a while, no matter what I’m being saved from.

Until next time I bid you adieu from computer hell.