Bequet Caramel, artisan sea salt caramels

Bequet Caramels for the One You Love

Superior caramels from Montana

While the 2001 telecom crash seemed disastrous to some, it was actually the food world’s gain. Because we got Robin Bequet, a casualty of crash with a talent for confection. Her company, Bequet Confections of Bozeman, Montana has been garnering national attention since its inception at the end of 2001. That’s why we’re featuring Bequet caramels.

Looking for a gift for someone who loves candy? An assortment from Bequet is going to blow them away. And everyone will love the fact that they’re made right here in the USA.

A perfect texture

Easily one of the best caramels we’ve ever tried, what Bequet understands best is texture. It has it all: chewy; unctuous; seductive and the ever-so-important balance between salt and sweet so many caramel makers lack. The caramels, made in small batches, come in twelve varieties from traditional to quirky. One of our favorites is the Green Apple butter caramel. It offers a tart note reminiscent of a caramel-dipped apple without the mess. The most popular flavors include the Sea Salt Caramel and Salt-Chocolate Caramel but rather than try to choose, we recommend ordering an assortment–in a very, very large box!


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