bacon toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste: bacon before bed?

bacon toothpasteFull disclosure: it’s a little weird! A few members of the staff think I’m insane for featuring this but, hey, bacon is big. That’s why I want to feature  Mr. Bacon’s Bacon Toothpaste from Archie McPhee & Co.

Many a bacon lover swears by the aphrodisiac properties of the pig so we would be remiss if we didn’t bring you this pre-bedtime sensation. (I am not guaranteeing any amorous effects.) But imagine sidling up to your bacon-flavored lover for a little late night nooky. Or think of how your can make your porcine-obsessed lover’s morning a little brighter with a bacon scented wake-up kiss. Who knows, maybe it was a scent of pork which actually roused Sleeping Beauty from her slumber! Ok, I might have lost it.

bacon toothpaste



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