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One Wild Week–how a chef celebrates a birthday

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei I’ve heard that a lady never tells her age. However, since I consider myself a strong woman, more so than a “lady,” I am proud to say I recently celebrated attaining the age of 41. And celebrate, I did! In fact, the un-41-year-old-like manner in which I celebrated is […]

Diva Toscana!

Eat and Tell with Annette Tomei We spent a week with my father, his wife, and their family exploring the countryside and eating fabulous large meals – the meticulously crafted peasant fare that has come to define Italy, and rightfully so. Traveling with a large family, including small children, is a challenge – especially when you […]

Short and Sweet!–the life of the overindulged

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei Like the month of February, these musings will be short and sweet. Am excited for the launch of “Eat Something Sexy” and looking forward to being a part of its beginnings and growth! Like many a sexy diva, have been spending the first part of this year atoning for […]