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Party Life a Diva

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei Seems like everyone I know is in a perpetual state of schedule overload – in constant motion with Blackberries blazing! My friends’ careers are as diverse as their personalities… from freelance artists to restaurant professionals, corporate executives and business owners – married, single, parents, and/or pet owners – actively engaged […]

Twinkie Sushi

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei Annette’s Twinkie Sushi Recipe Dressing a Twinkie up as sushi may be more perverse than sexy but it’s also about the most fun you can have with a cream filled, vanilla sponge log.

Eat, Drink and be Fat and Drunk!

Eat & Tell with Annette Tomei “Eat, drink, and be fat and drunk!” This is the saying on a magnet that has been on my refrigerator since the 80’s; it is also the battle cry of a group of girlfriends – including yours truly – who love to live life to their fullest.