aphrodisiac shrimp -- delicacy of the sea

The aphrodisiac power of shrimp

Famed French mistress Madame DuBarry served her shrimp in Champagne sauce. Casanova’s traveling companion, Agnolo Torredano called it the, “food of life that makes it possible for this cold, old body to still enjoy the heat of passion.” Even the United States has a salacious history with this crustacean. Spicy shrimp gumbo has a history as the aphrodisiac stew of the American South.

However, little further south–in the Caribbean–the application of shrimp as an aphrodisiac is a little more unusual. I’ve heard a rumor that in some Caribbean cultures there’s a practice of eating shrimp during sex to “double the pleasure.”

Although I find the idea odd, to say the least, maybe mixing this fruit of the sea with games of pleasure makes sense. After all, shrimp is packed with nutrition to support a great sex life.

Nutrient rich

For one thing, the slippery, pink crustacean provides the body with iodine. Iodine is essential to the thyroid gland and basal metabolism. Iodine deficiency has been documented as reducing sex drive. In addition, like many forms of seafood, it offers Omega-3 fatty acids. And Omega-3’s are great for circulation and vital in the battle against aging. Shrimp also offers a serving of iron and zinc. Best of all, its protein breaks down in the body to the amino acid phenylalanine. And this very special amino is proven to increase levels of sex drive-boosting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Scarcity in the future?

Unfortunately, the practice of trawling for shrimp, (a popular method for catching these little sea monkeys), accounts for the world’s highest levels of bycatch. (Bycatch refers to the additional sea creatures accidentally scooped up in the shrimp nets). As a result of trawling off the Gulf of Mexico and Thai shores, thousands of endangered sea turtles have been killed. This has brought about a call to action among lawmakers. The likely outcome is a reduction in supply of shrimp on the worldwide market. As a result, we may soon see a jump in price for what is currently one of the most popular foods of love.

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