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The aphrodisiac power of rosemary

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”– Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet

For centuries rosemary was tied with improving memory. But nobody really knew if it was true. Until 2015, that is. According to BBC News, a group at Northumbia University conducted a study in 2015 with the intention of proving that the herb really does improve memory. In this controlled study, a group introduced to an aromatic infusion of rosemary performed significantly better on memory-related task than the control group. Of course, this won’t directly impact your libido but it does make you more irresistible as a lover. Who doesn’t want a partner who always remembers your favorite things?

Rosemary’s benefits to your body

In addition, rosemary is known for encouraging digestion. No, it won’t whip you into teenie bikini form but it might burn off a pre-copulation feast. And it is noted for its powers to increase circulation. Bathing in a tub scented by a few drops of rosemary essential oil promises to circulation to the skin and sensitivity to touch.

Folkloric legend associated the herb with the Virgin Mary, for whom many originally thought the herb was named. But it was actually named for Aphrodite/Venus. And in many early depictions, the goddess of love was portrayed clutching or wearing a sprig of the fragrant herb.

Placed under your pillow, rosemary is thought to promote pleasant dreams. And steeped as a tea, it can calm nerves. Furthermore, in ancient Rome, the herb was considered an aid to empowerment.

Cooking with rosemary

Rosemary has not lost its power in the present day. Added to any savory dish, its intense flavor and comforting aromas are unforgettable. And perhaps, used at the right time and for the right person, rosemary may find you love.


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