Red wine for romance

 The aphrodisiac power of red wine

One of the most hyped members of the food and beverage world, not only will red wine halt those evil free radicals and keep you skinny and young, but it will also spark sensors of attraction.

According to the research of Dr. Max Lake, who I’m proud to name among my mentors, the mere scent of certain red wines can be arousing. In his book Scents and Sensuality, he writes on his research in the field of scent and arousal. Lake discovered that compounds in wine (as well as several foods) replicated those of human pheromones.

In the game of seduction, musky, masculine reds are best. Play with earthy Pinots like those from Burgundy and Oregon. Burly Cabs can also work, particularly when they offer aromas of leather, tobacco and earth. When wine is used as an aphrodisiac the scent is key (although the alcohol always helps knock down walls). But those red wines that strike a masculine note are said to imitate the scent of male pheromones.

Of course red wine is also beneficial, to some degree, to heart health. And what’s good for the heart is also good for your sex life. (Red wine is good for vascular health and good blood flow means good orgasms.) So, cheers to your health!

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