Alter Aphrodisiac Cocktails

Altar Aphrodisiac Martini for cocktails with or without the kick

Altar Aphrodisiac MartiniCocktails without the alcohol seem to be all the rage. For some of us, this trend is hard to understand. But Altar Herbal Martini makes it easy for us to understand the appeal–at least at lunchtime. Alter is a line of beverages made from a blend of fruits and botanicals to offer the sophistication of a finely crafted cocktail without the side effects. Sure, that takes some of the fun out of a good night out but on designated driver night, a refreshing, none-too-sweet drink at your disposal is a very desirable thing. Our favorite of the five flavors is, of course, the Aphrodisiac Martini, blended from peaches and nectarines with vanilla and a hint of exotic spices. Aphrodisiac offers a kick of ginseng and the proven aphrodisiac attributes of damiana. Those who appreciate a savory drink should love Restore, made with heirloom tomatoes and bell peppers with a bit of spice and smoked salt. Actually, all the flavors are incredibly interesting, unique and surprising. Best of all, Altar’s website offers cocktail ideas for those who want a sophisticated beverage with a bit of a buzz.


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