Almond Butter Vanilla Bean & Espresso

Barney Butter: Almond Butter for Adults

Almond Butter Vanilla Bean & Espresso | Eat Something SexyNot all nut butters are created equal. First there was peanut butter, a classic of American childhood. Then came all manner of nut butter from cashew to almond to hazelnut spread. Some added chocolate, others added nut chunks. But now, thanks to Barney Butter, we have an almond butter in the most sexy, most aphrodisiac flavor of them all: Vanilla Bean Espresso.

Barney Butter was started by a mom interested in boosting the health of family and friends. You see, almond butter has half the saturated fat of a peanut butter spread. And, of course, what’s good for your heart is good below the belt, too. That’s why we couldn’t resist featuring Barney Butter’s all-natural Vanilla Bean Espresso flavor. Not only is this almond butter remarkably creamy in texture, this aphrodisiac-laden flavor is crave-ably good. We love the aromatics the vanilla brings to the almond butter and the kick of espresso adds both complexity to the flavor and a little added energy surge to your snack. The only downside? Trying to stop after just one serving.

For more information, visit Barney Butter.

Almond Butter Vanilla Bean & Espresso



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