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American Wines–recommendations representing the red, white and blue

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With this being an Olympic year, the message of the summer seems to be national pride. That’s why I’ve decided to focus on homeland juice with a handful of hot weather appropriate American wines.

Bonny Doon Vineyard
2010 Le Cigare Blanc
The white wine drinker’s answer to famed Le Cigare Volant, it is a super-complex homage to the wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Tinged with sweetness and stone fruits, it’s an awesome summer sipper to serve with raw or poached seafood and sushi.

Cobb Wines
Emmaline Ann Vineyard Pinot Noir
A serious yet suitably restrained Pinot, I love this wine’s summer fruit flavors of bright cherry and sexy raspberry. Rose petals, violets and cloves round out its inviting aromas and flavors making it my Pinot pick for an elegant summer supper.

Cross Keys Vineyards
2011 Fiore Rose
If you’re looking for something different, this Virginia-grown Rose may just fit the bill. Made in an off-dry style, its touch of sweetness gives it a fun and flirty edge perfect for serving with spicy Thai, grilled seafood or by the pool with a side of sunscreen.

American wineJustin Vineyards
2010 Justifcation
Although its a fairly big wine for fair weather sipping, I think of this blend as a summer red thanks to a deliciously herbal layer of flavor that reminds me of a sunny day in Provence. A blend of Cab Franc and Merlot, it’s got lots of juicy fruit and a finish that lingers long.

2010 Overlook Chardonnay
Landmark’s flagship wine, this is some serious California Chard but one restrained enough to enjoy even on a hot summer day. Citrus and peach are the dominant flavors with just enough toast to add body and a little edge.


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