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Affordable Wines for Romantic Occasions

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with Amy Reiley

An inexpensive wine CAN be a perfect choice for a romantic celebration, here’s why:

A few weeks ago, the marketing team for Noble Vines approached me. They pitched me on the notion that affordable wines are a viable choice for a romantic evening, be it Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or whatever day you’re celebrating. I thought about it for a while and realized they have a solid argument. I mean, we always point to “special occasion” wines for making romance. But it is absolutely true that inexpensive, affordable wines can fit the bill just as nicely, depending on the circumstance.

Noble Vines--affordable wines from CaliforniaNow, I’m not going to give you permission to buy the cheapest wine you can find to crack open on your anniversary. Seriously, you can do better than that. But a nicely made, affordable wine in a style your lover likes?

Well, that can work just as well—better even—than spending your savings on a supposedly “great” wine that the person you’re buying it for doesn’t understand or simply doesn’t like. (I should clarify here what I mean by “doesn’t understand.” I’m not saying that your lover can’t appreciate a fine wine. I’m saying that there are a lot of older and rare wines that are, simply put, weird. Not bad weird, just completely different than what you’re used to. If you’re used to drinking deliciously fresh, zippy Champagnes, you might find an old, vintage Blanc de Blancs unapproachable. The same goes for Burgundies, Rieslings, etc.) It would be a shame to put down a lot of cash on something the one you’re buying the wine for doesn’t necessarily want to drink.

The folks at Noble Vines felt, of course, that their wines make the perfect compromise between quality, price and approachability. And that really is exactly what you should be going for when you’re choosing a wine to celebrate with your sweetheart. You want to choose a wine you’ll not only both enjoy but one that will potentially turn your lover on with your fantastic choice. And you want to do it within a budget that you both respect and can afford.

You may already have that perfect bottle in mind. Maybe it’s the wine you drank the night you got engaged or while butterflies danced in your stomach the night before your wedding. But if you don’t already have a good, affordable romance wine, I am including four suggestions I particularly liked from the Noble Vines lineup. They represent great quality for the price, are easy to drink and partner well with a meal. Best of all, they all retail for under $15/bottle:

The tasting notes

2016 Noble Vines 242 Sauvignon Blanc
This might be one of the best American Sauvignon Blancs I’ve tried under $12. It’s zippy, yet offers luscious fruit flavors including peach, honeydew and passion fruit. But the best part is the finish, where an aphrodisiac dried herb note comes through. The surprise ending makes it more than just another pretty Sauvignon Blanc but something a bit edgy, something with a bit of grit.

2015 Noble Vines 446 Chardonnay
This is not my personal favorite style of Chardonnay, but if you like a big, mouth-filling Chardonnay with notes of oak and caramel, you will love this wine for the price.  It has great lemon juice acidity and ripe, Bartlett pear sweetness. And, according to the research of Dr. Max Lake, the scent of Chardonnay replicates sexual pheromones and can be a powerful turn-on to women!

2014 Noble Vines 337 Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine should blow anyone away with it’s great value for the money. It’s medium bodied but bold and incredibly easy to drink. It has a brightness from good acidity and ripe, juicy flavors of cherry and blackberry. Hints of cocoa and espresso on the finish give it a sexy ending.

2014 Noble Vines The One Black
The name alone should send a powerful message to the one you love. And the wine in the bottle lives up to the name. The One is big, juicy and spicy but, unlike many big, plush reds in this price range, it offers complexity and deliciously biting acidity. The wine is a blend of Zinfandel and Merlot with just a touch of Cabernet, Malbec and a few other, undisclosed varietals. Who doesn’t love a mystery?


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