Nicaragua: The Next Hot Spot for Luxury Travel

Nicaragua is hot these days, and it’s especially steamy for those who crave exotic travel. When you think about travel to Nicaragua over these next ten years, think Belize in the 1990s or Costa Rica in the 1980s – places known to the travel savvy set for the quiet beaches, the warm hospitality, and exquisite luxury all complemented by the aura of exclusivity. Enter Mukul Luxury Resort & Spa. Read more

Travel to Mexico, Imanta Style

Mexico travelMind in a maelstrom over Mexico? The choices for resorts in Mexico are as heady and varied as notes on a perfumer’s palette. But one Mexico travel experience deserves a spot of its own, a golden distillation in a menagerie of sensual possibilities: Imanta Punta de Mita. Read more

Palazzo Victoria Adds Poetry to Verona

Plazzo VictoriaRomance, Renaissance-style, might begin with a 14th century palace within pebble-throwing distance from the balcony of Shakespeare’s Juliet. The City of Verona is not Shakespeare’s alone. The spot that has been the muse of historians and poets is now the second city to bear the stamp of Veronese Marcello Pigozzo. Read more

Maui Moments at Wailea Beach Villas

Wailea Beach VillasGot mula for a trip to Maui? Then you can stacked full it of Maui adventures all made convenient and frightfully luxuruious by a stay at the Wailea Beach Villas.

Maui can be a savvy choice not only for families and but for romantic couples looking for the right location with the right kind of space at the right kind of resort. Read more

Travel and Romance? Great Packages for Valentine’s Day

travel and romance

by Lark Ellen Gould

OK, so you’ve been planning for this special day for a month, six months, even a year. Your romantic travel destination is a spot you’ve been designing in your head – to pop the question, make the question pop, make a heart pop. But when you get to get to that special place, the only thing that pops is your temper. It’s a room without a view, a hotel on a highway, a cozy cottage blocks from the beach. Read more