Stem Grip--a better way to wash wine glasses

Stem Grip: the better way to wash wine glasses

When the makers of Stem Grip heard we were shopping for a wine glass-friendly dishwasher for our test kitchen, they chimed in with a recommendation. It was to get whatever dishwasher you like but use their product for a better way to wash wine glasses.

How does it work?

I’m a skeptic but when a sample arrived in the mail, I figured there was nothing to lose in testing their theory, except possible a wine glass or two. A plastic tube designed to fit over a dishwasher tine, Stem Grip has four arms extending from the central tube, each of which gently grips a wine glass stem and holds it securely in place as your dishwasher shakes, rattles and hums. And it works! I hesitantly strapped in a trio of stems, (yes, I used the cheap glasses) and sent them for a spin. The glasses stayed safely in place and came out clean and spotless.

The verdict? It really is a better way to wash wine glasses

To say that I love this invention might be an understatement. This really is a better way to wash wine glasses. Not only does Stem Grip keep your expensive stemware safe–and yes, I use it even with the Riedel and my antique glassware–but think of all the arguments it will save over who was the one putting the glasses next to that pot, bowl or plate which came crashing down on your crystal cargo mid-cycle. This peace-keeping gadget is really a little plastic miracle.

Stem Grip is available in the US and Canada. You can order yours from the company’s website for $14.95 or check their retailer page for a store near you. Each Stem Grip holds three glasses and you can use multiple units at the same time, depending on the configuration of your dishwasher.

For those times when you need great glassware on the go, check out these collapsible wine glasses, perfect for picnics and concerts.


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  1. James
    James says:

    Great product tip Amy! Stemware, dishwashers and lovers rejoice, peace in the valley at last!

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