Box of Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa

One of Our Best Baking Tips Comes from Hershey’s

This cocoa is one of the best money-saving baking tips

More than any other time of year, we all love to bake at the Holidays, (or at least we like to eat homemade baked goods this time of year!). At EatSomethingSexy, we have one of the best baking tips for making those cakes, muffins and cookies even more delicious. And believe it or not, our tip for transforming any recipe calling for the aphrodisiac of chocolate into a gourmet treat comes from Hershey’s. Yes, the all-American chocolate brand, Hershey’s!

This brand comes out on top

We’ve tested all the major cocoa brands from generic to the premium products. And although there are brands we like just as much, for the price, nothing can compare to Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa. Higher in fat than the regular Hershey’s, it performs like a gourmet cocoa but at half the cost. We told you this was one of our very best baking tips!

To get yours right now, head to Amazon:

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