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Summer Reading for Food Lovers

Since summer is the season to take a break from your busy life and pick up a book, we’ve focused our list on great reads rather than cookbooks. Here’s a look at what members of our editorial team are reading right now. We think of it as summer reading for food lovers. So pick up your Ipad, Kindle or old fashioned paperback and join us!

The Apprentice

by Jacques Pepin
If you’re already a fan of one of America’s most iconic cooks, you’re going to love him even more after this read – and while you’re at it, you’re going to learn a great deal about the evolution of restaurants in the twentieth century. A smart, humble, handsome chef, we’re betting you’ll feel a burning desire to not only invite Jacque to dinner but to give him your guest room by the end of the book.


by Julie Powell

This follow up to Julie & Julia isn’t filled with warm notions of a French kitchen. Filled with blood, guts and a marital nightmare, this is presented as a memoir of working for an old fashioned butcher shop but it is really a hard look at human relationships. The highs and lows make it a tough read. But it makes our list of summer reading for food lovers because it’s hard to put down.

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

by Jennifer 8. Lee

If you have any interest in the history of food in American, this book is a must. Brilliantly researched and charmingly delivered, Lee’s story began with uncovering how dozens of people won the lottery thanks to fortune cookies. But it winds up discovering the origins of food delivery. It delves into the connection between Jews and Chinese food. And it covers many more fortune cookie-related, unexpected truths.

Entertaining Disasters

by Nancy Spiller

If you love food but just want to tune out with a novel, this is the summer read for you. If you get dinner party anxiety, you will quickly bond with the story of this food writer who has to host her first dinner party in 10 years for Hollywood glitterati.

Lost in the Forest

by Sue Miller
The story of a bookstore owner and her winemaker ex husband, this novel rounds out our list of summer reading for food lovers. Set in the heart of the Napa Valley, this is a book for anyone who ever dreamed of moving to the Wine Country. Dealing with death, a rebellious teen, a fatherless son and the struggle to make ends meet, the book will remind you that what appears to be the simple life isn’t always that simple.


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