Chef Annette TomeiChef Annette Tomei has been cooking professionally for over 18 years, but has been captivated by the power of preparing food for others all her life.

“Even before I understood the concept of food as a symbol of culture, I knew that different families ate different foods and that these foods were important to them – that sharing a meal was akin to sharing personal history, an intimate act.”

She has lived – and, by necessity, worked – in some of the most beautiful places in the US, including Alta, UT and the Napa Valley, and now makes her home in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked in nearly every facet of the food and beverage industry from chef to sommelier, from bread baker to pastry chef, restaurant owner, and educator. Annette has degrees in finance, wine studies, culinary arts (French Culinary Institute, 1994), and most recently a Master’s degree in Gastronomy from the University of Adelaide with Le Cordon Bleu Australia (2008) and a professional certification in International Spirits from WSET.

Annette is an educator in NYC where she teaches subjects as diverse as her past experience, including basic knife skills and classic cooking techniques (French, Italian, Filipino, et al), frequently adding the finishing touch of beverage pairings, all with her signature blend of academic appeal and ability to make even the most complex concepts fun and exciting for all. She frequently takes her show on the road, including to Cape Cod, California and Italy (and hopes to do this even more in the future). She is currently working on reinventing her business, VinEducation, where she is taking food and wine education to a new level through classes, events, and more. She is also expanding her private chef work to the Los Angeles market through a new business, FoodSpace in Your Space… more on that soon!

Annette is the co-author of Chile Aphrodisia with Amy Reiley (Rio Nuevo) and a contributor to Fork Me, Spoon Me: the Sensual Cookbook and Romancing the Stove: The Unabridged Guide to Aphrodisiac Foods, both by Amy Reiley (Life of Reiley). She has written curriculum and designed educational programs for both The French Culinary Institute and The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.