Last week was the second annual Tasty Awards, (the awards show for food and fashion). The show differs from most Hollywood awards shows in two ways: first, the show is less than two hours long; second, everyone who attends is friendly. (Imagine that!)

Last year, the show was held in San Francisco. This year organizers went full red carpet and held it at the Egyptian in the heart of Hollywood. Since the event honors taste makers with web or tv shows, I was not eligible to present or receive an award. (But I am available for television if anyone is wondering!) However, I was asked to play a roll in the ceremony as one of the two red carpet ambassadors as well as what I like to call the Miss Golden Globes of the Tastys. (I handed out the envelopes and awards and PS I’ve got to hand it to the young ladies who do the televised Globes for their ability to stand and glow in Manolos for 4 hours. Damn!)

The show was not without its glitches, which somehow helped to emphasize that we in the food business are a little bit different from Hollywood. We embrace our flaws and go with it. I do believe Brian Boitano would have broken out into a soft shoe if that envelope had taken one moment longer to appear.

Two highlights of the experience stood out for me. The first was the presenters’ reception the night before the big event. Instead of the standing and preening of a typical Los Angeles party, there were members of the food elite draped across couches drinking, eating and networking their hearts out. A small gifting suite offered us ladies the opportunity to try out Summer Jasmines sandals, a portable invention designed to fold into your purse for heel break, blister or general shoe emergencies.

The other highlight for me was the after party in the Egyptian’s courtyard complete with student chefs wooing the esteemed guests with curried chicken, Mignon chocolate samples and, my personal favorite, Quady dessert wines and vermouth cocktails. (I should also mention that the participating vodka company, VAD, made me a Vadkadisiac!)

The event, half glamour and half home spun served as a delicious reminder of why I love the food business.

If your mouth is watering for more, you can view portions of the event on

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something tasty: my evening with a red carpet, quady wine and brian boitano
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