Now that I’ve had a chance to digest (literally), I realize that there were more memorable products at this year’s Fancy Food Show than I’d originally reported. Although my favorites still remain the same, I wanted to share with you a few more products worth a nibble:

Tcho Chocolate: this was my first experience with Tcho, although the company is already huge with the tech heads. Tcho was founded by the publisher of Wired magazine and takes an approach to chocolate that is sure to be a hit with millennials. Bright, savvy packaging and flavor profiles described as “fruity” “earthy” “nutty” etc make the company stand out from the crowd. But the flavors also stand up to the taste test. Tcho is making some darn good chocolate.

Pigtale Twist: LOVE the name (although I’m not so sure what it has to do with the product). The company makes flavorful caramel sauce and salad dressings without the added fat, sugar and preservatives of your average grocery store product. Flavors are tasty and clean without lingering salty or sweetness.

Le Foam: This is one of those “about time” products. Delivering dressings, sauces and mmmm… chocolate in mousse cans, Le Foam is perfect for quick and fuss-free presentations at dinner parties and cocktail soirees. Sure, it isn’t at the top of the all-natural list, but the flavors are good, sophisticated even, and it really provides a neat fix for those moments when presentation counts.

Bread Armor Artisan Bread Bags: I think practically I’ve waited my whole life for a product that will keep my baguette tasting fresh for more than half a day. Haven’t tried mine out yet, but I’m very excited by the prospect!

Sence European Rose Nectar: Talk about an aphrodisiac in a bottle, Sence takes the flavor of rose water and makes, well, a bottle of water! Although the flavors of this pink drink are relatively subtle with a pretty, light sweetness, on its own the nectar tastes a bit like chewing on a bouquet. However, as a base for delicate and lightly sweet cocktails, I think the drink has almost endless potential.

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